Tumbling Level 1

Cartwheels, roundoffs, forward rolls, handstands, backward rolls, bridge, bridge kick-over, back-walkover, multiple back-walkovers, connecting cartwheel back-walkover, roundoff back-walkover, handstand forward roll, back extension roll.

Cheer 101:

Calling all first-time cheer athletes! This weekly class establishes a FUN, low-pressure, non-competitive, technique centered path for new cheer athletes. Plenty of fun and friendships are to be made in this program… and don’t forget… you even get to showcase your talent at the end of the season!  Ages 5-8.

Intro to Cheer:

See what the world of CHEER is all about!? This class will expose your athlete to all components of Cheer Athletics - Tumbling, Jumps, Motions, & Stunting.  Ages 7+.

Intro to Poms:

Join us as we explore the world of POMS! Dancers will work on developing technique & skills related to...
*Jumps *Turns *Kicks *Cheer Arm Executions *Choreography *Flexibility *Formation Transitions *Synchronization *Team Building *Audition Technique.  Ages 7+.

Flyer Flexibility:


Athletes will focus on flexibility & technique to develop body positions & aerial awareness.


Back Hand-Spring Class:


Athletes will work on back hand-spring skills & technique.


Tumbling Level 2/3:

Working on standing back hand-spring, back tuck


Private Tumbling:


Please contact [email protected] for details!


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